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Cultural department and study mission

The Cultural Office has two main responsibilities, an educational where it is responsible for the supervision of Egyptian PhD candidates who were awarded scholarships by the Egyptian government to continue their higher studies in Germany, Netherlands, Poland and the four Scandinavian countries. Supervision of such students is focused on their relationships with their academic institutions as well as their living related issues. Furthermore, the Cultural Office is mandated to  strengthen  the educational ties between Egyptian universities and scientific centers with their counterparts in the countries falling under the domain of the Cultural Office, through agreements, protocols, conferences  and relevant activities.

The second responsibility is mainly enhancing the Egyptian culture in Germany through several means including lectures, art exhibitions, music performances, etc.

To have a better understanding of the role of the Cultural Office kindly visit their website www.egyptculture.de

Cultural department and study mission / Kulturabteilung u. Studienmission

Hardenbergstraße 20
10623 Berlin

Tel. 030-25 93 76-0,
Fax. 030-25 93 76-10

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