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The consulates of the Arab Republic of Egypt legalize documents bearing the corresponding pre-certifications.

  1. Required pre-certifications
  • Certificates of origin, commercial invoices, product lists, analyses and TÜV certificates, free sales certificates, etc. must be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) responsible for your registered seat of company.
  • Health certificates, certificates that testify the fitness for human consumption and radioactivity certificates for foodstuffs, food additives, meat or poultry products and beverages must be certified by your competent health or veterinary authority, or alternatively by the Regional Council (Regierungspräsidium).
  • All documents such as power of attorney, agency contracts (agency agreements), confirmations and amendments thereof, declarations of commitment, extracts from the commercial register, applications for tenders, translations made and stamped by a general authorized translator must be certified by the President of the competent district court.
  • Private documents, e. g. power of attorney must be certified by the notary and the district court. The district administration offices or district presidents or provincial offices are responsible for certifying birth certificates, marriage certificates or marriage certificates.
  1. Fees
  • The legalization fee for commercial documents is € 200,00 per copy.
  • The legalization fee for private documents is € 75,00 per copy.
  • The fee for the legalization of translations is € 75.00 per document in addition to the € 200 or € 75 per German original.
  • Fees can only be paid in cash (e. g. attached to the documents or by courier or order services).
  1. Other conditions
  • Electronic stamps/signatures are not accepted. Stamps on a Blanco page are not legalized.
  • A document consisting of several pages must be stapled together at the corner and stamped by the IHK/Landgericht.
  • The documents must be submitted in the original, including a copy of each document to stay in the consulate.
  • A self-addressed envelope stamped as registered mail must be enclosed. The consulates do not accept any responsibility for documents that are sent late or lost due to insufficient postage.
  • Documents in German (e. g. an extract from the Commercial Register) can only be legalized if a translation into Arabic, English or French is attached. Translations made and stamped by a sworn translator must, as mentioned above, be certified by the competent district court president and require an additional fee of € 75.00 to be paid.
  • If the copy of a document is to be legalized, this is only possible if the original stamp of the German authority has been affixed.
  • Documents that are not completely available to the consulate, or that have been sent to a consulate in another jurisdiction, will be returned to you unprocessed.
  • The consulate will not be able to inform you which documents are required for the handling of your export goods in Egypt. Please enquire with your customer/business partner in Egypt.
  • Please check the documents for completeness as soon as you get them back. The consulate does not assume any liability for non-dispatch at the Egyptian customs authority.