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The office is responsible for the supervision of Egyptian PhD candidates who were chosen for a scholarship by their government to continue their studies in Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries. The second task comprises the general cultural activities between Egypt and Germany.

With regard to students the responsibility commences even before the candidates arrive in Germany, Holland or Scandinavia, i.e., we open contacts with different universities and professors to facilitate all basic arrangements. After their arrival in the respective countries the responsibility covers all scientific, financial and social aspects of the scholarships.

With regard to culture the range of activities is as broad as cultural life can possibly be, particularly with the background of ancient Egypt and the long-standing cooperation in the field of Egyptology between the two countries. This includes participation in exhibitions on the rich Egyptian heritage and the exchange of artifacts in various museums, Egypt-related pieces of modern arts and artistic photographs as well as staging of cultural events on various occasions including folkloric elements in arts and music. Cultural relations cover lectures, seminars and conferences as well.